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Central Otago is home to some of New Zealand's most passionate and talented Kiwis. We encourage you to use the Storylines below, or contact us for even more fascinating story ideas.
Curling - The Becker Family Deidre Copeland - Artist Rebecca Gilmore - Artist
Curling - the Becker Family
The ancient Scottish ice-sport of curling is little known in wider New Zealand. But down in Central Otago where irrigation dams can freeze solid in the harsh winters, it is a tradition. Three generations of curlers are represented at 92 year-old Jim Becker's home on the family's Maniototo high country farm. Jim, his son Peter, and grandson Sean chat amicably, touting one another’s exploits on the ice.
Deidre Copeland - Artist
The dramatic detailed portraits painted by Southland artist Deidre Copeland, are turning heads in Central Otago. Amid the region's distinct and vast mountainous landscapes of harsh climatic extremes, she captures her characters on a grand scale. “That's the thing about Central Otago I can see reflections of the landscape in their faces,” says the bubbly 33 year old.
Rebecca Gilmore - Artist
Central Otago artist Rebecca Gilmore is relaxing at her parents Invercargill home in the bush-clad, bird-filled suburb of Otatara where she grew up. Renown for her fine-detail paintings of New Zealand native birds, she has just finished an exhibition in the city where she took nine commissions and sold one original painting and 21 prints.
Golf in Central Otago David McAtamney - Opera Singer / Farmer Marnie Kelly - Touch Yarns
Golf in Central Otago
Central Otago’s golf courses are as varied as they are challenging, offering some of New Zealand’s most unique golfing experiences. For a start, they’re about as inland as you can get in this country. They have stunning mountain views and are set amid arid and often rural landscapes in a climate of seasonal extremes, resulting in interesting and unexpected features. Best of all, they’re uncrowded.
David McAtamney - Opera Singer / Farmer
David McAtamney is a third generation New Zealand high country farmer. He grew up amid the mountainous empty landscapes and big skies of Central Otago, where he still lives. As a child his family home was full of music.
Marnie Kelly - Touch Yarns
A rainbow arches promisingly above the Touch Yarns showroom nestled snuggly in the dry earthy landscape near Alexandra in Central Otago. Inside multicoloured skeins lie on shelves, streams of fluffy hanks cascade along display stands and cone upon cone of coloured wool lines a wall unit.

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