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Living Here or Looking To Move Here

Central Otago – “A World of Difference”. Increasing numbers of people are keen to trade the unrelenting roller coaster of big-city life for a place where they can determine their own pace of life.

Central Otago’s open spaces and clean living are unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Local people have the reassurance of a place that will protect the natural resources of the area for generations to come.

In a practical sense, Central has a wide range of services with excellent schools and medical services. The small compact towns have a stable workforce, high levels of education and a high level of community involvement. Each proud local community has its own distinctive character.

The people of Central enjoy a balance of life quite unique to the region. To see what is on offer in Central Otago the following sections provide information on what you can find in the area. This will be of assistance to people living here and those that may be interested in finding out about our great place.
Population Places to Live Getting Here and Getting Around
Central Otago’s population reflects the rural nature of the area. There are dynamic communities with passion and enthusiasm. The wide-open spaces and vistas are a particular source of pride and pleasure to the locals. But the population is not so thinly spread that the main centres do not offer the same infrastructure as a found in other centres of the same size.
Places To Live
The Central Otago community consists of a variety of small towns which offer a wide range of services. Whether it is the bigger townships of Alexandra or Cromwell or the smaller service towns of Roxburgh, Ranfurly, Naseby, Omakau or Clyde, each town has its own unique style and lifestyle.
Getting Here and Getting Around
Sitting in the centre of the lower South Island of New Zealand, getting to Central Otago is easy. Located on the main highway route to Queenstown (from the north), Central Otago is also close enough for ready access to major cities such as Christchurch, Dunedin or Invercargill. Take your time - the roads aren’t crowded and it’s easy to get around.
Climate - Photography by Matthew Sole Recreation Housing
Central Otago’s climate is the closest we have in New Zealand to a continental climate. It is a land of extremes being the coldest and driest part of New Zealand. The seasons are sharply defined: summers long hot days; autumns vivid colours; winters freezing nights; springs vivid new growth.
This is a great place to play! Central Otago is renowned for outdoor pursuits from adventure sports to gardening. Such a lifestyle is possible because of the climate, rivers and lakes and mountains. Whether your interest is walking, fishing, golf, mountain biking, or more gentle pursuits such as the arts and heritage trails, it is readily accessible.
Housing in Central Otago is a mixture of new subdivisions - especially in the main urban areas of Alexandra, Clyde, Cromwell, Ranfurly and Roxburgh - and character homes. Lifestyle blocks are increasingly popular, and a strong building industry serves the demand for new housing. Rental housing ranges from $120 to $300 a week depending on locality and size.
Health Education Community Service
Central Otago has a range of health services. This ranges from local medical centres and resident doctors in each of the major urban areas to Dunstan Hospital at Clyde. Specialists from Dunedin Hospital visit Dunstan Hospital, minimising the need to travel to Dunedin for some services.
Central Otago is well serviced with excellent educational opportunities available through pre school facilities and kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. There is also a branch of the Otago Polytechnic based in Cromwell with a focus on tourism, horticulture and catering.
Community Service
Whilst Central Otago has a smaller permanent population, the majority of services and facilities that would normally be found in a larger town are available in the region. Additional to banks, medical, postal, fuel and retail services, there are many members of our community who contribute to or are involved in providing community services such as St Johns and volunteer fire brigades.
Waste Services Youth Retirement
Waste Services
The people of Central Otago have embraced and advocate waste minimisation and sustainable living practices as a means for our communities to live in harmony with the natural environment. Recycling, waste collection services and transfer stations all operate in the area.
Central Otago’s climate and relaxed lifestyle provide many opportunities for young people to make the most of every day. Whether cultural activities or sports related there are many diverse opportunities to participate and enjoy life as a young person in this region.
Central Otago is a great place to live and play for those who wish to retire or semi retire. It boasts a relaxed pace of life away from the hustle and bustle of city living. There is no rush hour or traffic jams, It is small, friendly and you soon get to know your neighbours and become a familiar face in the community.
Community Planning
Community Planning
Community planning is about obtaining local peoples views on their area. It involves local people identifying what is important for their area, what are the points of difference and creating a vision of the future for that community. From this vision, the community can identify actions to be carried out to achieve it.
Central Otago has a very rich heritage based on both its agriculture and gold mining past. Our heritage can be seen throughout Central Otago in many forms and provides us with a strong sense of place and belonging.

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