Tiger Hill Lodge
Tiger Hill Lodge
18 Alton Street
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 3 447 3700
0800 447 370
Tiger Hill Lodge
The location of our houses is perfect if you are just looking for somewhere to relax for a couple of days or if you are cycling The Rail Trail. It is the ideal stopping point after the first day on the trail coming from Clyde or on the last night coming from Wedderburn. We are a family run business and we were the first to offer comfortable lodgings on the trail. We will add a personal touch to your stay and you are very welcome at one of our three comfortable accommodations! The three options we have for you to stay are The Lodge, Wilson's and Killarney's cottage. Have a look on our website for more details. Our Prices are definitively competitive. Looking forward to hosting you soon...
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Tiger Hill Lodge
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Tiger Hill Lodge
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