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Caithness Orchard
Caithness Orchard Caithness Orchard is a small family run orchard which has been in existence for many years. We pride ourselves in growing good quality fruit and especially Moorpark Apricots.

Fairview Orchard
Fairview Orchard Fairview Orchard is a fifth generation family run business producing fresh fruit for supply both locally and around the world. Fairview also has a large modern retail outlet supplying seasonally fresh fruit directly to the travelling public. Staffed during summer months, good supplies of cherries, apricots peaches nectarines and plums and be purchased seven days a week. Fresh fruit ice creams, coffees, honeys and preserves also available.

Mt Benger Orchard
Mt Benger Orchard Situated in the Roxburgh Valley, a family owned and operated orchard that has been in business for over 70 years. Mt Benger Orchard aims to provide the best quality produce and places high emphasis on freshness, quality and taste. We hope to please our customers not only by our quality produce but also with excellent service by building a lasting relationship with our customers and surpassing their expectations

Remarkable Orchards
Remarkable Orchards Remarkable Orchard Ltd is a mixed orchard which produces cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines and apples. All stonefruit is packed onsite. A new purposebuilt packhouse was constructed in 2014 to accommodate production from new plantings in the future.

Found 4 results
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