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Outdoor Curling
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Curling Beckers
Jim, Peter and Sean Becker represent 3 generations of renowned curlers..
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Ice Skating
Try ice skating on outdoor ice at Iceinline, Alexandra.
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View video of outdoor curling on natural ice.
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Winter Sports in Central Otago

View Video of Outdoor Curling on Natural Ice

Experience the thrill of the luge; the joy of ice skating outdoors; and the sense of tradition and challenge that is the ancient Scottish ice sport of curling. It is all here – in Central Otago’s winter wonderland.

The region is the only one in New Zealand that experiences continental climatic conditions. Consequently, the seasons are vividly well defined. Winter is characterised by frosts, ice and snow. At its best the snow caps the mountains and lies across the high country, hoar frosts reveal their eerie beauty and the dams and ponds of Central Otago freeze solid. And then the fun begins.

Locals have curled and skated on these natural ice rinks since the 1800s. First it was the gold miners – their essential water sources for sluicing, frozen – who along with the farmers had time on their hands to indulge in curling. Many had played this sport, which is akin to bowls on ice but using 20kg granite stones, in their homeland. They instilled the curling the time-honoured traditions that still hold true today.

Clubs and many individuals still do curl and skate on the frozen dams, but the development of commercial venues in recent times has ensured consistently reliable conditions and greater accessibility for recreational and occasional users.

The small alpine town of Naseby has become known as the region’s ice sports’ capital. Its complex includes an all-year, indoor, dedicated, Olympic-standard curling rink; an outdoor ice skating rink ;and a natural (outdoor) ice luge track, which is the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Whether it’s the ice rink in Alexandra, the ice sports’ complex in Naseby or nature’s own expanses of ice that draw you, a magical winter experience awaits you in Central Otago.
Ice skating in Central Otago Year round Curling in Central Otago Naseby Luge in Central Otago
Ice Skating
Ice skating in Central Otago is always an exhilarating outdoor experience. Whether you are at a commercial rink or on a naturally occurring one, the experience offers a fantastic sense of space and freedom. Outdoor rinks in Alexandra and Naseby provide hours of family fun.
The whole family can enjoy the unique sport of curling year round in Central Otago. It’s easy to learn yet challenging to play and is a fun sport for all ages and abilities. Part of the folklore of Central Otago, a ‘Bonspiel’ when it occurs is a sight not to be missed.
Naseby Luge
Imagine ... a calm, cool day in a forest of tall trees – you’re lying on your back ... waiting ... then you’re off – feet first, the sled scrapping against the ice, cold air rushing past your face; negotiating the bends, the trees are becoming a blur, faster and faster you go. This is Naseby Luge.

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