Maxine Williams Artist & Studio
1078 Earnscleugh Road
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 3 449 2448
Maxine Williams Artist & Studio
Maxine Williams is full-time practicing artist, living and working in Clyde, Central Otago. Maxine shows regularly in group and solo exhibitions and her work is in galleries around New Zealand. Although classically trained as a painter, filmmaking has always run alongside her fine art practice - sometimes intersecting in surprising ways.

Her paintings alternate between expressive abstraction and beautifully executed realism. Layers of acrylic are built up to give the sense of depth and form. Sometimes her backgrounds are stark white amplifying the subject which has often been well thought out in advance. Underlying her work is a strong desire to communicate and connect with the viewer, work that bridges cultures

Her website, is dedicated to showing her work and providing the latest news on where most recent artwork is being exhibited.

The artist is willing to paint commissions. Further enquiries are welcomed or to arrange a visit to her studio in Clyde.
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Maxine Williams Artist & Studio
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Maxine Williams Artist & Studio
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