Central Otago District Arts Trust
14-20 Centennial Avenue
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 224 626 328
Central Otago District Arts Trust
The art roads of Central Otago branch through silent tracks and hidden byways. The region attracts artists the way it draws visitors to its wild and spectacular scenery and stunning unspoiled wilderness. Here, you’ll find painters, ceramic artists, sculptors, glass artists and photographers, fabric and textile artists, woodcarvers and furniture makers, metal workers and jewellers. You will also find a wealth of performance artists in music, dance and theatre as well as professionals from the literary arts.

Founded in 2009, the Central Otago District Arts Trust (CODAT) is a regional non-profit organisation based in Central Otago that supports artists and the arts. The Trustees are committed to promoting the arts, cultivating emerging and established artists, and developing a diverse, creative community along with an on-line presence. They believe that the arts are a vital part of our culture, one that unifies and inspires. An important part of their work, therefore, is to make Central Otago arts as accessible as possible to artists, art-lovers, the general public and visitors to the region.
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Central Otago District Arts Trust
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Central Otago District Arts Trust
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