Olivers Restaurant & Bar
34 Sunderland St
New Zealand
03 449 2805
Olivers Restaurant & Bar
The restoration and opening of Olivers Restaurant and Bar within the historic walls of one of Otago’s most notable buildings was completed in early Autumn 2015. The iconic landmark, originally named the Victoria Store, was built of local schist stone and provided provisions to the goldminers that came to Central to seek their fortune. Fresh, clean flavours are the hallmark of cuisine at Olivers Restaurant, featuring superb local produce and where a "level of uniqueness'' is providing diners with a memorable experience. During the day, sample our beers and bakery produce under Otago’s big open skies and in the evening, dine in front of the fire within the restaurant’s ancient stone walls, under the maps in the Merchant Room, or outside under the stars in summer. Olivers Bar, as well as selling our own Victoria Store Brewery label, has an extensive range of craft beers and local, national and international wines. It is an important and welcoming space for guests, featuring a mix of luxurious and rustic seating, and including part of the shop counter from the original Victoria Store that opened in 1869. Among the various historic exhibits is a series of 1830s copper etchings, found in the ceiling of Olivers during the recent redevelopment and now framed and hanging in front of the main bar. Enjoy an architectural, historic and gastronomic delight on your next visit to Clyde
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Olivers Restaurant & Bar
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Olivers Restaurant & Bar
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