Alan Waters Art
636 Bannockburn Road
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 21 277 5486
Alan Waters Art

One of New Zealand's leading artists and a master of vibrant colour and composition, Alan consistently produces a wide range of stunning paintings. These range from the utterly believable to the impossible; landscapes and skyscapes to natural history subjects, whimsical and right through to abstracts and contemporary works.

During his long career as an artist both overseas and now within New Zealand, he has won countless awards for his remarkable paintings and has featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

His artworks - including both indoor and outdoor sculpture, sit comfortably alongside some of New Zealand's famous and respected artists. Overseas, they feature in many private collections.

A visit to his private new gallery situated in the rural setting of Bannockburn is sure to delight!
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Alan Waters Art
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Alan Waters Art
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