Fusion Ceramics
Fusion Ceramics
434 Bannockburn Road
Central Otago
New Zealand
021 548025
Fusion Ceramics
Robert welcomes visitors to his gallery situated within a short walk of some 150 metres from The Kitchen cafe in Bannockburn.He enjoys discussing his work and ceramics in general.

When his sign is out he is there. If not or if coming from a distance give him a call on his mobile 021-548025 to arrange a time as he is usually not far away.

About Robert

Robert Franklin was a self-taught part time studio potter for a period of some ten years in the 1980’s, while at the same time juggling family and a career in banking. For reasons of both family and career a decision was made to bring that period of creativity to a close.

In 2014, some 30 years later he was encouraged to once again get on a pottery wheel. That moment generated for him a renaissance leading to the production of stoneware, porcelain, raku and saggar fired works unlike anything that had gone before. The old knowledge and techniques were all still there and he was able to overlay these with a very modern and sophisticated style of work that has become unique to him.

Very quickly there followed a new studio and gallery at his home in Bannockburn near Cromwell, NZ.

His production of white crackle and green copper Raku pieces is much sought after. The highly polished and fumed saggarware is unglazed yet displays haunting shadows of colour in peaches, pinks, orange, blacks and browns. In stoneware and porcelain the ancient Chinese Celadon glaze lends a beautiful apple green colour to these pieces.

“Sleek and sophisticated. Incorporating both the modern and the very classical, with several pieces appearing as if they might have been plucked from a museum.” Otago Daily Times Critic review Queenstown Arts Exhibition.

Recent acceptance of three separate entries to one of NZ’s top selected exhibitions, the NZ Potters Annual Exhibition in Napier, has elevated his work to a National level.

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Fusion Ceramics
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Fusion Ceramics 
Fusion Ceramics 
Fusion Ceramics 
Fusion Ceramics 
Fusion Ceramics
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