Paintball Central
1 Bannockburn Road
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 27 448 5399
0800 579 4080
Paintball Central
We got the paint!! Have you got the balls!! Want that adrenaline feeling without having to jump off a bridge?!

Well this is the game for you.Get dressed up in camouflaged overalls, get a gun, run or sneak around our pines, seeking your target, shooting anyone who gets in your way, and hope they don’t get you first.

Grab that flag and get back to your base without getting shot. Whoa! What a feeling! It’s fast, It’s action packed(and it’s really safe!).

Play Bush-ball or SHANTY TOWN- 60 shops, 2 streets,alleyways. Urban warfare at its best. No other field like this in New Zealand.

We’re only 40 minutes from Queenstown, Wanaka and 20 mins from Alexandra. So if the lakes are rough or ski fields are shut, come to us have a couple hours of fun shooting with your mates.

There is no age limit but children must be accompanied by adults.We have lots of games that can be played e.g. Capture the flag,defend the fort, plane down etc. We also have a shooting gallery which you can show off your skills or just for the littlies.

So pick up the phone, give us a ring or book online as we only open when you book in. We are open 7 days.
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Paintball Central
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Paintball Central
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Paintball Central
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