Domain Road Vineyard
46 Domain Road
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 3 445 4244
Domain Road Vineyard
Our cellar door, situated at our Defiance vineyard on Felton Road (263 Felton Road) allows guests dramatic views over the vines and mountains as well as some insights into the day to day work of a vineyard. We have a range of wines on taste every day and our knowledgeable and informative staff provide an engaging experience. No bookings necessary although with groups of 6 or more it is better if we are prepared so call ahead.

Wine tastings daily: 11am – 5pm

(Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day & Good Friday)

Domain Road is owned by the Crosbie family with two vineyards located in Bannockburn, Central Otago. We produce a range of award winning wines that are enjoyed around the world. Very cold winters contrasting with hot dry summers have proved to be an ideal climate for difficult grape varieties. Our dedicated hands-on care of the vines during each season allows the harvest of outstanding grapes, the cornerstone to producing expressive wines.

The town of Bannockburn has a long history of gold prospecting and the vineyard site on Domain Road has been part of that history for almost 150 years. The vineyard takes advantage of its gold mining legacy to determine the location of each planting of Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling vines.

Defiance vineyard on Felton Road, Central Otago’s golden mile for vineyards, was largely left untouched by the gold mining boom and has retained its natural gently sloping character which helps us to take advantage of the sun. Defiance and Domain Road vineyards are a perfect match for each other.

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Domain Road Vineyard
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Domain Road Vineyard
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