Hullabaloo Art Space
Melmore Terrace
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 27 600 7106
Hullabaloo Art Space
Hullabaloo Art Space is a contemporary art gallery located at 15 Melmore Terrace overlooking Lake Dunstan in Old Cromwell Town. The gallery is open daily from 10am to 4pm all year round.

Run by a collective of 15 established artists, together they present an impressive, professional gallery viewing - a must see for all art lovers.

The gallery is run and staffed by the artists who can provide visitors with the unique experience of talking directly with artists about their work as well as that of others in the collective. The strength of Hullabaloo is its changing variety of art work with its revolving 3 week solo exhibition as well as a regularly changing range of works by all its members.

Current member artists include:
Luke Anthony, Sculpture
Ro Bradshaw, Painter, Mixed Media
Gail De Jong, Painter
Lorraine Higgins, Painter, Sculpture
Rachel Hirabayashi, Painting and Sculpture
Annemarie Hope-Cross, Photography
Odelle Morshuis, Multi Media
Jillian Porteous, Painting and Sculpture
Andi Regan, Sculpture
Liz Rowe, Painter, Sculpture
Sue Rutherford, Ceramicist
Eric Schusser, Photographer
Kay Todd, Photography
Marion Vialade, Printmaker
Nigel Wilson, Painting

Located in the reconstructed Scotts Bakery in the historic Cromwell precinct –

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Hullabaloo Art Space
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Hullabaloo Art Space
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