Wooing Tree Vineyard
64 Shortcut Road
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 3 445 4142
Wooing Tree Vineyard
Award winning Wooing Tree is a family owned vineyard in the heart of Central Otago, where we specialise in making pinot with passion. With numerous accolades, medals, and trophies, our wine has quickly won the hearts of wine lovers and writers around the world.

We produce three Pinot Noirs, Blondie (still white wine from Pinot Noir), Rose, Tickled Pink (sweet wine from Pinot Noir), Chardonnay and Pinot Gris.

The Wooing Tree, a local landmark, sits prominently in the middle of the vineyard. The tree has long been a popular place for locals to woo their lovers and if it could talk would have many a story to tell. It is fast becoming a popular place for marriage proposals and weddings.

The Cellar Door offers a relaxed child friendly environment with sand pit and slide. Walking distance from town we are open for wine tasting, sales, lunches, functions and weddings, or just visit the famous Wooing Tree.

Cellar Door open 7 days, 10am to 5 pm
May, June and July 11am to 4pm, wine tasting and sales only, during these months

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Wooing Tree Vineyard
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Wooing Tree Vineyard 
Wooing Tree Vineyard 
Wooing Tree Vineyard 
Wooing Tree Vineyard 
Wooing Tree Vineyard
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More Info
Wooing Tree is a family owned single vineyard site, situated in the heart of Central Otago next to the town of Cromwell and opposite the "Big Fruit Sculpture". The location gives a perfect mix of various sub-regional climates and optimum heat degree-days.

The Site
When trying to find vineyard land we were looking for the typical north-facing slope to give less frost risk and greater exposure to the sun, however we ended up buying a relatively flat vineyard. So far we have not had any problem ripening the grapes, but we do have to frost fight during the growing season.

A Bit of History
In 2001 we put in an offer for the land and purchased it in 2002. We took on the services of viticulturalist Robin Dicey to help set-up the vineyard and manage it in the development stages. This enabled us to stay overseas and continue to pay the bills remotely. Approximately 44,000 vines were planted in 2002. The 26 ha single vineyard site has 16 ha planted in mainly Pinot Noir of multiple rootstocks and the following premium clones, 5, 6, 115, 667, 777 to give variety, complexity and risk minimisation. The vines are all grafted on American rootstock to prevent phylloxera problems.

The Vines
The vines are planted at 2666 vine/ha on VSP trellis system (Vertical Shoot Positioning). We use 1 cordon wire and 2 pairs of canopy wires, which are lifted as required. The vines are spur pruned (usually at 2 buds per shoot) and shoot thinned, leaf plucked, bunch thinned and green harvested all by hand during the season.
We have a computer controlled irrigation/fertigation system, which is monitored via Aquaflex data loggers to keep an eye on soil moisture and temperature levels.
Birds are often a problem leading up to harvest and we have to net the rows to help keep the birds away.
Functions and Weddings available.

Wooing Tree Vineyard 
Wooing Tree Vineyard
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