Goldfields Jet
803 Kawarau Gorge
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 3 445 1038
+64 3 445 1037
0800 111 038
Goldfields Jet
Goldfields Jet has been operating within the Kawarau Gorge since 1991.
Since then, the company has safely carried thousands of people on one of New Zealand most spectacular high volume rivers. Goldfields Jet is one of only a few company's to hold a history of 100% safety.
A spectacular Jet boat ride on the mighty Kawarau River. Through the heart of one of New Zealand's most historic gold mining regions. Our specifically designed Jet boats and highly trained drivers will take you on an unforgettable 40-minute ride through the Kawarau Gorge.
Goldfields Jet is based at Goldfields Mining Centre on State Highway 6 in the Kawarau Gorge. (The main Queenstown-Cromwell highway).
Come experience one of New Zealand's best Jet boating rivers and see the spectacular Kawarau Canyons and don't forget our unique 360-degree spins.
The trip includes an extensive commentary on the history of the area and other points of interest.
Goldfields Jet boats are designed and built in Central Otago excursively for Goldfields Jet .
They use the unique Hamilton Jet water jet propulsion system.
Hamilton Jet Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated company named after its founder, William ( Bill ) Hamilton who invented the Jet boat in 1952.

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Goldfields Jet
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Goldfields Jet
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