Central Wormworx Ltd
Cemetery Road
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 21 132 2964
Central Wormworx Ltd
(Commenced operations in April 2000)

The Company was established with a view to providing a clean and green solution to what was a growing Community waste issue. Research had shown us that using Tiger Worms to convert this waste could reduce those problems.

The business operation has proved successful; literally thousands of tonnes of waste has been taken out of the Community’s waste stream and converted into Worm Castings or Vermicast.

The Worm Castings are primarily used in the Central Otago Region, but latterly have been distributed throughout the South Island with orchards, vineyards and private gardeners using this high quality soil conditioner to improve the quality, yield and vibrancy of their plants.

We sell Tiger Worms, Topsoil, Compost, and have sold over 500 Home Worm Farms. Worm Farms and gardens have been set up in many schools in the area.

We are happy to show visitors our Worm Farm in the Lake Dunstan Estate, where they can learn about the use of worms to convert waste, and view our on site garden. We are open seven days a week.

Prior arrangement by calling Robbie on 03 445 0263, or 021 132 2964 is preferred

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Central Wormworx Ltd
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Central Wormworx Ltd
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