Environment and Sustainability

The people of Central Otago have embraced and advocate waste minimisation and sustainable living practices as a means for our communities to live in harmony with the natural environment.  Recycling services are available throughout the district and communities are encouraged to separate waste products and dispose of them in an environmentally sustainable manner.  A kerbside recycling service is provided to residents in our larger townships, and recycling drop-off points are provided throughout the wider district. Kerbside rubbish collection is also provided to over 8,000 properties throughout the district.  For more information about Central Otago's refuse and waste minimisation practices, please visit the Recycling and Rubbish section within the Central Otago District Council's website.

Water is the World's most valuable resource and this is particularly evident in Central Otago, with its searing summer heat and low annual rainfall levels.  Irrigation practices are being adapted over time in our rural areas, with land owners moving towards more efficient practices that reduce wasteage and run-off contamination.  Private water use is metered in most Central Otago towns and this helps residents to be aware of their water use and encourages environmentally sensitive water-use practices.  For some quick tips on how to save water at school, at work, at home, or in the garden, visit the Water Services section of the Central Otago District Council website.

There are a number of educational workshops run within Central Otago on 'sustainable living': The Alexandra Thyme Festival includes some excellent activities within its programme of events; Central Otago Wastebusters and Central Otago REAP also run courses and workshops throughout the year.
Community Directory
This is a great place to play! Central Otago is renowned for outdoor pursuits from adventure sports to gardening. Such a lifestyle is possible because of the climate, rivers and lakes and mountains. Whether your interest is walking, fishing, golf, mountain biking, or more gentle pursuits such as the arts and heritage trails, it is readily accessible. Read More

Places to Live
The Central Otago community consists of a variety of small towns which offer a wide range of services. Whether it is the bigger townships of Alexandra or Cromwell or the smaller service towns of Roxburgh, Ranfurly, Naseby, Omakau or Clyde, each town has its own unique style and lifestyle. Read More
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Food & Wine
Food & Wine Central Otago is a place of sheer indulgence – whether it’s fine dining, a casual al-fresco lunch or café culture. You will be spoilt for choice when enjoying local fare and award winning wines at the great selection of cafés, restaurants, cellar doors and country pubs. Read More
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