Engineer's Corned Beef Sandwich @ Hannah's Cafe
Hayes Road
Central Otago
New Zealand
03 444 5801
Engineer's Corned Beef Sandwich @ Hannah's Cafe
Engineer's Corned Beef Sandwich $8.50

Corned beef traditionally cooked with a clove studded orange. The beef then sandwiched with grain bread, shaved cabbage salad, horseradish mayo and heritage piccalilli.

Beverage Match: Benjer Apple Juice
Local Products: Hayes Homestead garden grown salad and piccalilli vegetables

About Hannah's Cafe @ Hayes Engineering

This fascinating historic site managed by Heritage New Zealand combines a series of authentic mud brick buidings showcasing New Zealand’s pioneering can-do attiude and kiwi ingenuity. The Hayes family set up an enterprising business near Oturehua designing and manufacturing all manner of farm tools, including the infamous chain grab wire strainer. Come and marvel at the turn of the 20th century engineering workshop, with its myriad of belts and pulleys overhead, and wander around the grounds over to the 1920s restored Hayes family homestead. Re – wire on Hayes roast coffee and come an eat a rabbit pie with us during the ‘Eat Taste Central’ month.

Open 10am – 5pm 7 days September April.

Book a group in for a guided tour or take a self guide on-site.
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Engineers Corned Beef Sandwich @ Hannahs Cafe
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Engineer's Corned Beef Sandwich  @ Hannah's Cafe 
Engineer's Corned Beef Sandwich  @ Hannah's Cafe
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