Real Dog Adventures
5 Bypass Road
Central Otago
New Zealand
+64 3 444 9952
Real Dog Adventures
Kennel tours - Visit our Kennels & workshop (harness making & sled building) . Watch movies, hear about life & unique experiences with these amazing dogs.
We are passionate about our dogs, their preservation & their work ethic, we would love to share all this with you.
A chance to get up close & personal with the teams .

$30/person ($20/person - 5 or more people)
Approximate duration 45mins

Sled / Rig rides - (includes Kennel Tour) We will transport you to the beautiful Naseby area & experience the thrill of a ride with a sled dog team (with or without snow) and see these majestic animals at work .
Your tour starts with an introduction to our dogs, the equipment and the beautiful area we live in. Have a turn at harnessing up your own dogs and interact with them as much or as little as you wish.
Nigel & Rose are on hand to answer questions and explain all aspects of running teams of sled dogs.
We allow are plenty of opportunities to stop along the trail and have your photo taken with the dogs and some stunning Central Otago country. All tours can be custom designed to suit your enjoyment.

$85/ person
Approximate duration 3hours

Back pack walks....Walk with your Alaskan malamute who will carry your snacks, lunch & warm coats. A wonderful way to interact with our beautiful dogs.
$70 / person
Approximate duration 1 hour

All activities can be organized for all ages, disabilities & fitness levels.
Family groups & large group tours are welcome.

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Real Dog Adventures NZ
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Real Dog Adventures 
Real Dog Adventures 
Real Dog Adventures 
Real Dog Adventures 
Real Dog Adventures
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